iNDi-spensable Solution

Alternative to VAPING & EDIBLES

Delivers a PRECISE & CONSISTENT dose every time

ORAL INGESTION of  whole plant cannabis oil and tinctures

Designed to be DISCRETE & CONVENIENT to carry in your pocket or purse



I.  Patent pending single chamber micro-dosing pen holds proprietary vial delivering whole plant cannabis oil & tinctures for oral ingestion.

II.  Patent pending single chamber micro-dosing pen with Bluetooth connectivity.

III.  Patent Pending multi-chamber dosing device holds proprietary vial delivers isolated cannabinoid  & terpene & nutraceutical extraction formulations for oral ingestion with Bluetooth connectivity.


iNDi Dose Calculator 

 The iNDi Dose Calculator is proprietary software developed to convert milligrams to easy to use clicks of the iNDi pen while collecting authentic user data for patient, physician and market analytics.


iNDi's Solution

Authentic user data creates feedback reports allowing the patient informed and controlled dosing.

iNDi will play a key role in proving the efficacy of cannabis in standard medicine through verifiable metric data points required for clinical trials and the de-schedulization of cannabis.