Innovative micro-dosing devices delivering whole plant oral oil extractions and software to collect authentic user dosing data for business to business distribution.


Why iNDi?

Current tincture and whole plant oral extraction delivery methods are inconsistent, uncontrolled and at times inconvenient.


iNDi-spensable Solution

Alternative to VAPING & EDIBLES.

Delivers a PRECISE & CONSISTENT dose every time.

 Whole plant oil extractions and tinctures for ORAL INGESTION.

Designed to be DISCRETE & CONVENIENT to carry in your pocket or purse.



I.  Patent pending single chamber micro-dosing pen holds a proprietary vial delivering whole plant oil extractions & tinctures for oral ingestion.

II.  Patent pending single chamber micro-dosing pen with Bluetooth connectivity.

III.  Patent Pending multi-chamber dosing device holds proprietary vials delivering isolated whole plant extraction, terpene & nutraceutical extraction formulations for oral ingestion with Bluetooth connectivity.


iNDi Dose Calculator 

 Proprietary software developed to convert milligrams to clicks of the iNDi pen while collecting authentic user data for patient, physician and market analytics.


iNDi's Solution

Authentic user data providing feedback analytics allowing the patient to make controlled and informed dosing decisions.

iNDi will play a key role in proving the efficacy of whole plant oil extractions in standard medicine through verifiable metric data points required for clinical trials and de-scheduling of herbal medicinal methods.



Team iNDi

The iNDi TRUDOSE team is committed to providing patients, physicians, clinical researchers and lawmakers alike innovative precision dosing devices and the software to aggregate authentic dosing data.  These respected and accredited individuals embody the passion essential to shift the landscape of wellness by proving the efficacy of whole plant extractions in healing.


Jenni Devine, Co-Founder

An Entrepreneur, with 15 years of experience in executive level business development, marketing, finance, operations, and logistics has honed the skills needed to take an idea and make it a reality. She is responsible for managing the iNDi Team and iNDi's business development; driven by an unwavering belief that by shifting our approach to how wellness is achieved we create balance for ourselves and our families resulting in INDISPENSABLE joy!!


Eric Campos, Co-Founder

20 years of experience in the LED lighting technology industry, as owner, engineer, & innovator.  After 10 years of exploring holistic  & healing modalities he discovered his chronic condition couldn’t be resolved through a single modality.  Eric’s unstoppable determination to find the truth and drive to make. . . 




iNDi Advisory Board

Leila Arcieri.jpg

Leila Arcieri

Creator and founder of Stir Sweetener, the low glycemic sweetener with benefits. Leila Arcieri is an entrepreneur with a working knowledge of fitness and nutrition born from her years in front of the camera and extensive work with leading nutritionists she brings leadership in product development, manufacturing, and brand development.


Eric R. Gomez

Eric is a corporate-trained entrepreneur with a management and strategy focus. He has experience in datacom, real estate, international trade, and cannabis tech; evaluating market trends, mentoring management teams, and business models that are poised to scale with real valuations. Eric has invested in 40+ companies, joined 3 investor networks, helped launch 20+ companies and currently serves as CEO of maxiaNET, CEO and Canopy San Diego, and VP of Max InterAmericas.


Dr. Michael Tagen

A scientist and clinical researcher working in drug development programs for Oncology, Immunology and Neuroscience; Dr. Tagen now consults on Pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics, and clinical trials. He earned a B.A in Neuroscience, a Ph.D. in Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics and performed his postdoctoral fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The recipient of numerous awards and co-author on over 30 scientific publications are a few of his valued qualifications.


Kevin Collins

Involved in Ophthalmology, Pharmacology, Surgical, Laboratory Research, and Clinical Studies over the last 24 years. He is the Clinical Liaison for multiple hospitals in Northern California and the Chief Science Officer for Advanced Blend Inc.; developing new products based on genetic profiles. Kevin is in constant pursuit of finding new ways to help those who suffer daily with natural ways to improve their health.


Shawn Bean

Shawn Bean is the founder of Matrix Health & Wellness and is consider him to be one the most innovative clinicians practicing in functional medicine. Shawn has the unique ability to uncover hidden patterns with complex client cases, unravelling the core findings of functional medicine test results and patient histories, while applying unique bio-individualized therapeutic approaches to optimize well being and minimize adverse reactions. As an avid researcher, Shawn is constantly in pursuit of deeper ways of looking at disease and chronic illness through the lens of biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics and physiology.



iNVEST in iNDi . . .

iNDi TRUDOSE is an ancillary (non-plant touching) company a part of the largest growing investment sector within the herbal and nuetracuetical industry focusing on whole plant extraction delivery methods to date.

Our patent pending dosing devices, provide a controlled and traceable dosing method comparable to established pharmaceutical dosing standards. The iNDi devices and dose calculator software will play a key role in proving the efficacy of cannabis in medicine through the secure aggregation of authentic user dosing data.

iNDi TRUDOSE offers a unique opportunity to invest in innovative technology designed to disrupt the conventional approach to healing and elevate the medical facing whole pant extraction market.


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